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useful reference . http://www.contact-hmrc-gov.co.uk/ Welcome to a new website dedicated to providing students, researchers, community activists, and anyone else who's interested with information about the New York Young Lords. As a researcher, I have been frustrated by the lack of information readily available about the Lords and wanted to offer a general contribution so that other folks interested in the Lords would be able to approach the subject with a little more ease.

This website is in its infancy and, unfortunately, has few resources available right now. That said, please come back to this page often because the design will continue evolving, resources will continue being added, and information will be ever-expanding.

What's Online Now

Research Resources

Documents from the Young Lords

What's Coming Soon...

  • A Bibliography of Secondary Sources on the Young Lords
  • A List of Known Primary Sources
  • A Searchable Index of Palante, the bi-monthly Young Lords Newspaper

If you have resources on the Young Lords that you'd be interested in sharing, putting on the Internet, or just inform me about, PLEASE email me at . To find out more about the person building this resource, follow this link. Thanks for visiting and please be sure to come back often!


"The colonized man [sic.] who writes for his people ought to use the past with the intention of opening the future, as an invitation to action and a basis for hope." (Franz Fanon, THE WRETCHED OF THE EARTH)


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April 19, 2005